Hi. I'm Alex and I can make a 

mobile app for you.

I've been making iOS/Android apps since 2010. Among my recent projects is an app for Cisco, a card-linking SDK, a ticket booking app, a call protection app, an educational app for Everything's Rosie, a messaging app, a photo editing app, an app for ARE-certified architects and others. Proud to be a member of TopTal community.

Some buzz about my work

Sweet. Works great. We just tested and it worked fine. The lead went to OnSite and it indicated that it was an SMS. The app looks really good by the way. Let me know if you ever need a reference.

Joshua D. Arisohn, Bursor & Fisher, P.A.

Alex developed a very attractive app for our project "Flying Animals" (we're a non-profit charitable organization). He developed it very fast and in compliance with our brandbook and ideology. It was great experience to work with Alex.

Sofya Belotskaya, Flying Animals

Great job, very well done. Thank you for the pro level and great communication. If we ever need any further updates we’ll get you in again.

Andre Elias, Fidel Limited

Alex updated our iOS application. We found him to be knowledgeable, easy to work with and a good communicator. He completed the project quickly and successfully. We will be working with Alex again.

Lillian Alves, NALSA Publishing

Alex is an awesome game developer who I had the pleasure of working with earlier this year. What I enjoyed most about working with Alex was his great attitude and constant sense of "can do" attitude. Looking forward to working with him in the future when he is available.

Ross Webb, Reward Gateway

Alex has done a fantastic job. He was pretty committed to the

project and showed a great deal of professionalism. 100%


Judith Krieger, Cocorico

He is a great programmer and has done a brilliant job. He has also kept a great level of communication until the

project has finished.

Jeff McLeod, Agalag

Alex is excellent manager, amazing game designer and game developer! Strongly recommend him!

Dmitry Valov, Prolev

Alex is effective, productive, hardworking, delivers quality and

holds rigorous standards. His code work is precision

engineered. We highly recommend and endorse.

Anat Shifrony, ReadinGift

Существенно помогли в обучении неформальное общение, консультации по Skype, доступ к примерам и проверка заданий через Github. Желаю Алексею дальнейших успехов и спасибо за интересный курс!

Андрей Окишев, ОмГУПС

As usual, a brilliant job from Alex and his team!! Take care until.

our next project!!

Constance Geisler, Punchzip

Alex is very passionate developer and game designer! And, he is always interested in bleeding edge technologies. So, I can honestly recommend him as an excellent specialist.

Valeriy Meleshkin, Wooga

Application is perfect. Great value for the investment. Alex and

his team are efficient and productive with excellent quality.

Steve Olesansky, DeepSine

Alex - адекватный руководитель, который умеет находить правильное решение в спорных ситуациях и правильно выстраивать план работы над проектами.

Владислав Михайлов, spotGames

Alex Gievsky 2021